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The Origin of Intro Day 1

The Origin of 365FruitfulDays.Com

 Fruit of the Spirit

Many years ago, I was taught a spiritual principle that I had a hard time appropriating and understanding.  That principle is that I have within me to use and give away a limitless supply of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. These are called “fruit of the spirit.”

If you know me you may already be laughing.  I snark, I lament, I lose my temper, I hold grudges, I am rude. (I am going to stop the catalog of failures now but I could continue).

This principle of fruit of the spirit is found in the bible in Galatians 5:22.

I counted and realized there were nine fruits.  If you divide 365 by nine,  you get 40.555.  So even in my mathematically challenged world I realized that I could spend about 40 days per year concentrating on one of the fruits-reading scripture about it, contemplating it, trying to cultivate it and exercising it, at the end of a year I will be better than when I started.

So each year I have marked my calendar in 40 day increments to remind me of those fruits.  I have always thought it would be so gratifying to share this practice with others in the form of a devotional book of some kind.

And guess what?  Time got in the way.  Circumstances got in the way.  Divorce, work, remarriage, caring for a parent with cancer, birth of a child and other transitions were all reasons masking excuses for not doing it.  Another barrier is that I did not feel qualified to do this work.  I lack evidence of all the fruit in my own life.  I am unsatisfied with my own progress.

However, in the last several days I’ve been prompted to move anyway.  The final validation and proof I needed was given to me yesterday at church.  The text was based partially in Psalm 1:3 that tells us that if someone is studying and applying God’s word that person will “bring forth fruit in…season and whatsoever [they] do shall prosper.”  This seems like evidence of a promise.

I also know that if I wait until I have enough time or sufficient spiritual maturity I will never do it.  So I am moving forward in faith.  I bought the domain 365FruitfulDays, have posted this and am committed to writing on this blog daily for one year for two purposes:

  1.  That others may be blessed and grow through this exercise-whether there are 2 others or 2,000,000 others.  Of course I am praying big! I may not have a book at the end of this, but my goal of a book was so many years ago, before the advent of e-books and vibrant blog communities.
  2. That at the end of this year I will have made spiritual progress for myself.  This will benefit my marriage, family, business and church.
  3. That God is glorified.

So tomorrow I will post again to lay a foundation for the exercise.  According to the bible, the fruit of the spirit is not for everyone.  This does not mean that people of all spiritual backgrounds or without spiritual backgrounds cannot benefit or participate.  You may just find the exercise even more difficult. I hope if you fall into that category I have not lost you.  I hope that all of you will come back tomorrow to learn more and follow me in the journey this year.

I hope that if you are reading you will comment and subscribe and tell your friends.

However, this will not be an argumentative blog, nor am I trying to convince you that what I am saying is correct.  There are many evangelistic blogs out there and people who are willing to argue in comments about the authority of the bible, denominations, doctrine, etc.  This is not one of those blogs.

All the best in 2013,