Loving God Day 8

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your soul and with all your might.” Deut. 6.5

We’ve come to the last day of concentration on LOVING God as we cultivate the “love” fruit of the Spirit.

We can now see that when we love Him with all of our SOUL we make a conscious decision to devote our whole soul to loving Him and as we do that, we weed out impediments to our spiritual growth.

When we love Him with all of our MIGHT we make a conscious decision to get spiritually stronger each day in order to become MIGHTY for God.  We get stronger by plugging in with Him daily, being an active member of a church, praying and studying God’s word.

Loving God means that we recognize what He’s done for us by expressing gratitude to Him for what He’s done for us. Thanking Him for blessings each day is an easy way to do this.  When I feel grouchy about doing a particular task…say folding laundry…I make a spiritual exercise out of it by thanking God for the ability to have a washing machine that works, hands that are able to fold, running water, electricity, clothing and for the people in my family who wear the clothing.  If I have to come up with a solution to a professional challenge, I thank God for a brain that can think through problems. Loving God does not have to be a mystical or heavy exercise.  It can be incorporated into the everyday.

Times of reverent devotion have their place, but God wants to walk with us through the mundane as well-and when we invite Him into those moments, we are showing that we love Him.

Think to yourself now of the person you love to be with the most.  Why do you love being with them?  Is it because they understand you and know what you are thinking before you say a word?  Have they seen you at your worst and love you anyway?  Do they make you examine yourself when necessary…or even LAUGH at yourself? Can you think of God in those terms?

God wants us to see his righteousness, perfection, justice and power.  But He also wants to walk beside us. This is how enormous He is.  He covers every part of our life if we invite Him into it. That is loving God.

All the Best in 2013,


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