Peace Through A Death Reprieve


“Having shod your feet with the READINESS OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE.”

Ephesians 6:15

In Isaiah 38, the prophet Isaiah informs King Hezekiah that he should get his “house in order” because the king would be dead soon.  Imagine having to be the bearer of that message.  Yet, Isaiah was obedient to God as he delivered the news.

Hezekiah then cries out to God for a reprieve and prays for God’s mercy.

Isaiah is then told by God to communicate to Hezekiah that God has heard his prayers and will grant him another fifteen years to live.

Hezekiah then gives praise and glory to God for giving him those additional years and says:

Indeed it was for my own peace
That I had great bitterness;
But You have lovingly delivered my soul from the pit of corruption,
For You have cast all my sins behind Your back.

Isaiah 38:17

It is pretty easy to imagine the peace Hezekiah experienced when God heard and answered his prayer.

But imagine Isaiah, first having to communicate the dire message, and then having to withdraw it.

There is no account of Isaiah hesitating to deliver either message.

He walked, in peace to give both the dire and the pardoning message.

We cannot always choose our message, but to walk in the context of the gospel of peace, we must sometimes deliver bad news and trust God to deal with the final outcome.

Sometimes people ask us what the bible says about something and we know that the answer will be difficult for them to hear.  That should not make us any less willing to communicate the truth, knowing that often it will lead to earnest prayer and, many times changed lives.

All the Best in 2013!


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