Peace Fruit

From Peace to Patience

“But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

James 1:4

As we move out of our focus on the peace fruit of the spirit and onto the patience fruit, perhaps you can see that if we have the spirit’s peace, we should naturally be inclined towards more patience.

But do you struggle with impatience?

Do you want patience NOW?

It’s not a delivery pizza or a tweet away.

Patience is practiced and requires an ability to see God’s best at the end of a long and bumpy road.

Patience requires sleepless nights with a sick and restless child.

Patience requires forgiving someone one more time.

Patience requires teaching a lesson that you taught the day before, the week before or a year before until the student grasps it.

Patience involves not giving up on ourselves or God when we fail or fall.

The short verse in James which will anchor our thoughts during this first week or so of focusing on patience is so rich.

As a woman, I love that patience is pictured as a female-her perfect work.

I visualize patience as a gentle mother overseeing her child’s first steps-embracing, guiding and supporting.

I also love that there is such a rich promise attached to patience…that if we give ourselves to learning the lessons of patience, we will be perfected and entire and want for nothing.

I am always attentive when the bible gives us something concrete to do in our lives with a promise attached to it that relates to our present life on earth.  Something that says “if you do this, HERE is what you’ll get.”  And it’s not as crass as expecting material benefit or creature comfort if we are patient, it’s expecting that by being patient we will see that in every moment we already have all we need through GOD and relax into our circumstances as they unfold.

So dig into the fruit of patience for the next 40 days, and if you are presented with a dilemma, crisis or question to answer during this time, ask yourself (and God) if the answer has something to do with patience!

All the Best in 2013!


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