Peace Fruit

Perfect Peace While Patiently Waiting


“But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

James 1:4

It’s hard to imagine a truly peaceful person and an impatient person existing in the same soul.  Peace and patience feel so inextricably knit.

But as we move to our second day of focus on patience and its work on us, as it takes root in us, we become conscious of how patience benefits us spiritually and personally. And while many of the fruits of the spirits cannot be easily thought of as disciplines, patience is a little easier to imagine in that way.  We can often “feel” ourselves becoming impatient.  We detect our “fuses” shortening.  We feel our heart race and our blood pressure sore.

If you’ve observed a child who is waiting for Santa or some other great anticipated event, they can find it almost impossible to wait and seem capable of almost perpetual motion during this time.

Trying to explain patience to a child is difficult.  It’s often helpful to simply move them to another activity to pass the time so that it seems to move faster.  The same concept can apply to ourselves.

If we find ourselves growing impatient with a long wait somewhere, for example, always have a book to read, a letter to write, an article to edit or something helpful to listen to downloaded on your phone or other device.  Turn waiting time into meditation time or prayer time.

Additionally, just as difficult encounters with others can sometimes damage our sense of peace if we don’t get some distance and space, similar encounters can try our patience as well and likewise benefit from distance and space. (Even just for a minute or two).

What things most try your patience today?

Is it a long-range goal you feel discouraged about meeting?

Is it a family member who is behaving destructively?

Is it a health issue that seems as if it will never resolve?

Is it debt?

Is it wanting to be married or to have a child?

If you can think of things right now that challenge your patience, take a moment now to offer them to God and ask Him to plant patience deep within your soul, so that you can enjoy peace while patiently waiting.

“…whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, shall be quiet from fear of evil.”  Proverbs 1:33.


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