Present Patience

“But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

James 1:4

If we become fully present in the moment we are living in now, and refrain from preoccupation with future outcomes (which we can’t control) or obsession over the past (which we cannot change), we may find more abundant patience among our spiritual fruit.

That’s kind of a packed statement for a short daily devotional, right?

But, in my own life, if I consider the source of much of my impatience, it stems from frustration or regret over the past.  Fro example, I am impatient with someone who does not seem to learn from the past or is, in my estimation “stuck” there.  I may also feel impatient with someone who does not forgive me or release me from past mistakes.

Another ready source of impatience is waiting for some anticipated “moment.”  It may be a life event like a birth, wedding, holiday or vacation. It has a date on the calendar which cannot advance fast enough for us.  Sometimes there is no set date on the calendar for what we are anticipating.  This can be even more difficult because there is no end in sight, yet we are constantly stretching, looking for it.  We wait for the “light to come on” in someone else’s understanding of us.  We wait for direction for work or life partner.  The non-specific waiting time is a source of discomfort.

How does God want me to live?

He wants me to live in a state of trusting HIM and living my life in the light of that trust.  My trust in HIM fosters patience in all my life circumstances and with people who cross my path.

Stepping out of the “control illusion” is something that has the power to ground me with patience to wait with contentment and understand with love.

Waiting can be preparation time for the receipt of additional or greater blessings than we are anticipating in our minds.  We may be thinking too small.  God may have bigger and better.

Let waiting expand your thinking and comprehension of what God has for you in your life.

All the Best in 2013!



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