Peace Fruit

Patience With Promises


“But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

James 1:4

Maybe over the last few days, you have been concentrating on cultivating the fruit of “patience” in your spirit.   (I hope that you have!)

You’ve prayed, read scripture and been more conscious of your thoughts and responses.

But you are probably not at a point where you feel “perfect and entire” and want for “nothing.” 

Will you continue to cultivate patience even if you can’t detect a difference in your feelings or thoughts? 

You may be like me and experience impatience many times a day.  The cause of your impatience may be something as simple as an interruption during a workday or a traffic light that turns red too soon. 

You have made spiritual progress if you have recognized your impatience, said a quick prayer asking for God’s help and then consciously decided to NOT verbalize your impatience to those around you.

The adage that “misery loves company” is true.  If we complain about having to wait, we most certainly will find people who will validate our complaints and commiserate with us. This doesn’t mean that Christians should accept poor-quality customer service or abuse of their time, but it does mean that we think carefully about our actions when we feel impatience welling up.  This is especially important when the source of our impatience is a loved-one or someone we must work with often.

How many times have you needed a lesson repeated until you “got it?”  How did it impact your learning process if the teacher snapped at you or made you feel dumb? 

How patient has God been with you as He’s taught you?  So many times I have disappointed Him and knowingly done the opposite of what I knew He wanted.  Yet I was not struck down or banished from His presence or told to never come back.  He patiently repeats our lessons.

His teaching methods may intensify if we make the same mistakes over and over, but He never gives up on our ability to do better the next time or withholds the resources necessary for improvement.

Seek to demonstrate to others the patience which God has shown with you!

All the Best in 2013!

























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